I believe that Portland can overcome its major challenges with stronger leadership and collaboration. Present day circumstances don’t define us.

I was born into poverty. My parents were drug addicts. Despite that, I hit the books. I got good grades and went to college. Then life took a turn and I found myself in jail for attempted murder. There was this trauma and pain that I didn’t recognize at the time that existed in me and so as a frustrated young man, when I got into conflict, I resolved it in a way that I was taught to resolve it, which is violence. The cause of my actions were not out of a desire to perpetrate harm but out of survival, so I understand those in our city who are currently living the same experience.

I didn’t let my circumstances define me, but I did allow them to inspire me. I’ve dedicated my life to making it easier for folks who’ve been incarcerated to re-enter society. Felony convictions make everything more difficult: from buying a house to getting a job.

I also became the first person in Multnomah County to have their case reviewed (and vacated) under a new state law. In my current work, we serve impacted communities by hiring previous offenders and offering training in a real trade without discrimination of their past while providing an opportunity to give back to society.

And now I’m running to be your next City Councilor. I bring something different to the table—a perspective shaped by real-life experiences. From being in the system to running my own business, I get what our community needs.

A Clean, Safe and Affordable Portland is a Portland that includes everyone. I am committed to making sure East Portland is well represented in City Hall. When East Portland does well, all of Portland does well.

Together, we have the power to clean up our city, create a more just community, and Bring back the Roses!